I'm a
- co-founder/founder of 3 businesses (Visual Events, Visual Sites, Tmi Lassi Luukkonen)
- head of an event technology organization with 20 people
- student
with truly the mindset of
"Do more. Work harder."
- Casey Neistat
- Versatile ability to solve, anticipate and avoid problems
- Effective communication skills with clients, team members, collaborators and authorities
- Ability to come up with original ideas
- Understanding of budget, time, manpower, electric, structural and logistics restrictions
- Hundreds of hours spent timecoding lights
- Previous experience in cinematography and photography
- grandMA2 & MA3D (excellent)
- Vectorworks Spotlight (good)
- Avolites Titan (good)
- LXFree (quite good)
- Chamsys MagicQ (quite good)
Project management
- Expertise in delegating tasks
- Dedication to make every project a success
- Balancing multiple aspects of a project: cost, timeline, logistics, the end result, satisfaction of all parties involved...
- Being in control of the big picture
- Time management
- 2 years spent leading a team of 20 people
- Tens of massive projects done
- Google Sheets, Docs and Drive
- Telegram, Slack
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